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We take education seriously.

Our educational courses are personally tailored to each child, building off our art and science enrichment programs.We design our curriculum to fit every need of a developing child including sections covering artistic form, literacy, phonics, yoga, and school readiness.During your child 's time at Artsy, they will experience a wide range of crafts and activities completely new to them while developing friendships that could last a lifetime.Artsy offers a curriculum that fits your student’ s needs through age 8. We will more than exceed state academic standards.

At Artsy we learn all standards through art and play.We will learn at different levels based at your student’ s pace.Each week we learn gross motor skills, concepts of science, mathematics skills, reading / phonics, writing, sign language, language arts, social studies, and art skills.

We have segmented our learning environment into three tracks to promote healthy relationships and interactions between children of similar ages.This comes with varying schedules designed to best engage your child without overwhelming them.When needed, one of our teachers will personally work with you to design.

Fall Schedule

Track # Description Schedule
1 Younger Track - Beginning at Age 2 Tuesday and Thursday 9: 30 to 11: 30
2 Preschool and Kindergarten Ages 3 and up Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 9: 30 to 2: 30, optionally Monday 9: 30 to 2: 30
3 Elementary School Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday 9: 30 to 2: 30 Guided epic classes can be integrated during this time.

Summer Schedule

Monday Play dates: All 7 from 6/7-7/19 for $200 or drop in Mondays for $35 Pizza lunch included.

Week Dates Week Theme
6 / 8 - 6 / 10 Pirates
6 / 15 - 6 / 17 Mermaid and Ocean
6 / 22 - 6 / 24 Superheroes
6 / 29 - 6 / 30 Space
7 / 6 - 7 / 8 Dinosaurs
7 / 13 - 7 / 15 Movie Based Art
7 / 20 - 7 / 22 Gaming Art
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Other Services


CRAFT PARTY: A host led, themed art party! 3 personalized themed crafts! The party will be 90 minutes of fun! Bring your cake and smile! Includes themed paper goods, table coverings, decorations, for 12 guests. $5 extra for extra guests. $260 CANVAS PAINTING BIRTHDAY: 12 guests (ages 3 and up) paint a canvas almost any picture you request! Bring your cake and smile! Includes themed paper goods, table coverings, decorations. 2 hours $260 TEA PARTY: Princess’ and Knights come join us for a royal affair! We will create dragon shields and princess wands. We will learn the etiquette for a Royal Tea Party. An adult Princess will host your tea party with 12 guests! This includes themed paper goods, table coverings, tea, crackers, and a princess host for 90 minutes. $300

Painting Classes

Have an Artsy teacher lead a 2 hour group canvas painting for your birthday celebration!

Guided Painting for Adults

Unwind, socialize, and create! $30 per painter.

Cookies and Canvas for Kids

Art, sugar, and fun! $25 per painter

Mommy and Me Canvas Painting

Creative fun together, yummy snacks! $25 per painter.